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orcas Island revealed

Green Paradise AKA the Gem of the San Juan Islands

The horseshoe-shaped island is 57 square miles of curving roads that wind through forests past artists studios, fields of sheep and lavender,  organic farms and flowering gardens with the occassional turn of the century apple barns in the mix.

Because of its shape, Orcas Island also has miles of shoreline with nummerous beaches, both public and private.  And, because of its shape, the island remarkably has 4 zip codes.  The charming enclaves of Orcas Village, Deer Harbor and Olga dot the islands as centers of population, culture, art and cuisine. 

Eastsound, the major hub of island activity has wonderful samplings of boutiques, galleries and restaurants. 

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This beautiful island has something for everyone. . .
Kayak in the Puget Sound,
Hike a Mountain Trail, be rewarded by the views,
Explore the small town shops, boutiques,
Enjoy sumptuous dining choices, 
Go whale watching,
See art being made, 
Or simply sit still and breathe in the quiet,
And relax.