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Our Goal

Creating the Dream Stay
The dream in our name is not casually used.
All self-contained, private and waterfront with stunning views. . . all are dream places to stay.

Our cottages are all different by design.  They offer unique environments and individual views.
Each provides a place of quiet and beauty to drink in nature and all it offers.
A perfect place for romance and reconnecting.

Attention to Detail

Our small portfolio of cottages have been Individually furnished to reflect its surroundings.  All country simple yet, we (Nanae) think, undeniably elegant.  

We pay attention to each detail to attain this seemingly effortless sophistication and are pleased to present our guests with a dream cottage, cozy, intimate and comfortable without evidence of everyday clutter where they can totally relax.
Image may be subject to copyright
Image may be subject to copyright

Absolute Waterfront

Our waterfront cottages are all "grandfathered" properties.  That means they are all located closer to the water than permitted by new county codes.  
There is nothing between you and the water and the sound of lapping water.
Watch marine animals swim by.

*Private Beach at high tide Sea Dream Cottage

Wall of Windows

Windows are an important concept for us.  We (Richard) have added windows to all the original cottages so our guests can spend their entire vacation sitting still and looking out at the sea, if they so choose.

For example:  Mariner's Dream Cottage had one small square window when we bought it.   We replaced it with  french doors and  added larger side windows and a window in front of breakfast nook to assure views from every corner of the cottage. 
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Image may be subject to copyright


Our cottages are not lined up in a row.  Rather, each cottage is situated on its own special private property.  The surrounding property ensures your privacy and the stunning views and visiting resident wildlife are part of the dream cottage experience.

*Private waterfront sunning dock just for you
at Isle Dream Cottage.  Count the sea-stars here.


We appreciate our guests desire for a more romantic and private lodging experience. We strive to provide that cozy and intimate yet, comfortable space for our guests at our cottages.  

We respect your privacy. The cottage you rent and surrounding property is all yours for the duration of your stay. No one enters your space while you are here. Lie in bed all day reading a good book or, for a change, sit still, looking out at the ever changing water views from your window.